Chua Chye Teck & Michael Lee @ Art Stage 2014

Exhibition period: 15th – 19th Jan 2014 iPRECIATION is proud to present Michael Lee and Chua Chye Teck’s latest works at Art Stage Platforms. Michael Lee’s Skeletal Retreat No. 2, which is a part of his ongoing Skeletal Retreat installation series, will be on display for the first time. A selection of 20 images from […]

Michael Lee 李鴻輝 (b. 1972)

Michael Lee is an artist, curator and publisher based in Berlin and Singapore. He researches urban memory and fiction, especially the contexts and implications of loss. He transforms his observations into objects, diagrams, situations, curations or texts. He has staged solo exhibitions at Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin), Hanart TZ Gallery (Hong Kong), Baba House (Singapore) and […]

Portable Art Week

Exhibition period: 2nd – 10th October 2015 E-Catalogue   iPRECIATION will be presenting a unique group show of small portable collectible fine art from 2 – 10 October 2015. This exhibition will showcase carefully selected works from 17 artists, featuring April Ng, Boo Sze Yang, Chen Sai Hua Kuan, Chiew Sien Kuan, Delia Prvacki, Hong Zhu An, […]

April Gallery Exhibits

Greetings from iPreciation! This April, while focusing on our upcoming solo exhibition by Milenko Prvacki titled “E La Nave Va (And the Ship Sails On)”, we are continuing to represent our local and Indonesian artists in this months display. Works exhibited by our local artists: Wee Kheng-Li, Jeremy Sharma, Lee Wen, Milenko Prvacki, Tay Bak […]

December Gallery Exhibits

Seasonal greetings from iPreciation! This December, we are displaying exclusive, not-seen-before, smaller sized works by our artists, perfect if you’re looking for a special gift or to embellish your home. The works on display capture a varied range of styles and subjects. Works are from well-established artists from the region such as: Milenko Prvacki (Yugoslavia, […]

Portable Fine Art

  Exhibition period: 7 November 2014 – 29 November 2014 Exhibiting artists: Milenko Prvacki, Lee Wen, Boo Sze Yang, Au Ka Wai, Cheung Yee, Earl Lu, Irene Chou, Hong Zhu An, Michael Lee, Jeremy Sharma, Filip Gudovic, Hiroshi Oohira, Doris Wong Wai Yin, Micahel Chen, Riki Antoni, Shen Liang and Tse Yim On.     […]

August Gallery Exhibits

This August, iPreciation is presenting a set of new works by our local and international artists. The new display features a combination of various trajectories in painting, photography and sculpture. Artists on display include: Tay Bak Chiang, Milenko Prvacki, Lee Wen, Boo Sze Yang, Chris Yap, Michael Lee, Ye Jian Qing and Ju Ming

Recent Paintings by Singapore Artists

Exhibition period: 10th – 24th Jan 2014 Venue: iPRECIATION (誰先覺) 50 Cuscaden Road HPL House #01-01 Singapore 249724 Tel 65 6339 0678 iPRECIATION is celebrating its 15th birthday in 2014. To kick off the celebration, the gallery will present the latest paintings of Singapore artists from 10th Jan to 24th Jan to give visitors a sneak preview […]

Cascadence: Singapore Redux

Exhibition period: 28th Feb –  24th Mar 2013 Venue: iPRECIATION (誰先覺) 50 Cuscaden Road HPL House #01-01 Singapore 249724 Tel 65 6339 0678 ‘Cascadence’: Noun – the New Jersey-based rock band. Adjective – a rush of harmonic chords. Hybrid of ‘cascade’ and ‘cadence’; used in Indie-culture speak to allude appreciatively to musical value. Not found in mainstream […]

Song Ling 宋陵 (b. 1961)

A key figure of the Chinese contemporary art scene, Song Ling was born in Hangzhou, China in 1961. He graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (currently known as Chinese Academy of Fine Arts) in 1984. In 1985, Song Ling entered the Zhejiang Art Academy as a professional painter. With […]

July Gallery Exhibits

This July, iPRECIATION will be presenting our local artists. The new exhibition display introduces current works by both established and emerging artists to the audience, reflecting their ideas, philosophical thoughts and social inquiries on the contemporary society of Singapore.  Works on display are from Singapore artists Qwek Wee Chew, Lee Wen, Milenko Prvacki, Tay Bak Chiang, Michael […]

Ju Ming

Published in conjunction with the exhibition ‘Ju Ming 2004-05: Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai’ jointly organised by Singapore Art Museum, Juming Museum, Taiwan and iPreciation, Singapore.

Published by Singapore Art Museum.